About Bothyknits
About Bothyknits
Jackie learnt to hand knit at the age of 6. She taught herself to machine knit in order to help boost the household income by operating a small home knitwear buisness when her family was young. This mainly utilised patterns chosen by customers, but also producing bespoke pieces by special order. As she became more proficient on the machine, she created more one-off designes, some of which were sold in a prominent department store on the Caribbean island where she was based for a short time. She has also worked with a very high-end knitware shop in Edinburgh.

In 2010, the opportunity arose for a change in lifestyle and a return to her creative side. Two decades of raising a family, professional career, followed by 7 years in the hospitality industry as a self employed guest house proprietor meant it had been put on the back burner. Following a house move, Jackie finally got an on-site studio by finishing a half completed workshop (having only been able to dream about having her own workspace!). Hence the birth of Bothyknits.

Based in the Scottish Highlands, Jackie is inspired by the seasons and the surrounding landscapes which this area has to offer. Nature has her own unique way of blending colours and never gets it wrong. However, she also enoys experimenting with colours and different textures. Although happiest working with natural yarn, she also creates items using higher quality synthetic materials.

All items are solely produced by Jackie on site, which means no mass production pieces. Her studio is purely a work-room, not a shop. The Bothyknits logo reflects the style of her own wooden built studio.